How To Easily Find Niches You
Love As Many As You Want AND
The Exact Scientific Formula To Find
Out If They're Actually Profitable!

Jack Sarlo
Information Marketing Expert

From: Jack Sarlo

Dear Friend,

It’s true!

It really IS Possible to earn $1000.00… $10,000.00… and even way more than that a month selling red-hot products and services to virtually ANY field or niche that you’re passionate about!

Every single day there are HUGE numbers of normal, everyday folks just like you who are striking it rich online selling all sorts of information products as well as “regular” physical products to customers who are “eager-to-spend” from all over the world with all sorts of interests.

Ask yourself…

Do you know ANYTHING about How to… Be Better at Something (sports, hobbies, playing an instrument, training pets, etc)…Make Money…Save Money…Save Energy or Effort…Save Time…Be Healthier…Be More Popular…Prettier…… etc., etc….???

Of course you do!

Well, the best part is that you don’t really have to be an “expert” at anything to get started selling to a “hot niche” online.

The fact is – if you know just a little bit more about a subject than someone else, and you truly desire to help them better themselves… they will pay you to learn what you know (information) or buy the product you sell that will solve their problems.

BUT HERE’S THE CATCH: you can make serious money online…

…but ONLY as long as you are in the right, profitable niche FOR YOU.

In a moment I’m going to show you the Most Accurate System ever devised for Unearthing the White-HOT Burning Niches that are just waiting for you to uncover them…

Plus, I’ll expose the 3 Biggest MYTHS that most people believe about how to choose profitable niches online. These are the Myths that are holding people back – confusing them and making them LOSE MONEY… But before we dive in and get “down and dirty” about what it really takes to be successful in choosing a profitable niche, let me ask you a question...

You Don’t Seriously Think That You
Can Do What Everyone Else Is
Doing to Choose a Niche… And

Do You…?

There are tons of Ebooks littering the web with the same old tired “Go here and do a few keyword searches… and Voila! There’s your niche.”.

That just doesn't really work.

I’ll be blunt. You don’t find profitable niches by doing the same little ‘tinkertoy’ keyword searches on the same old tired sites that everyone knows about.

Not even close.

If you want to make boatloads of serious CASH – the kind of downright stupid money that makes “average” people assume you either won the lottery or deal drugs… then you can’t play on the same playing field as everyone else.

Hell, you can’t even be on the same friggin’ planet as everyone else.

Through years of trial-and-error (and making more than my share of mistakes), I’ve created a turnkey, error-proof system for uncovering absolute niche goldmines.

My proprietary system for spotting profitable niches works every time – regardless of WHAT the topic is (sports, hobbies, playing an instrument, training pets, health/fitness, relationships – it doesn’t matter).

Below you will find some success stories. They are here to both teach and inspire you and they serve as proof that my strategies WORK!

Dan T. started out building affiliate sites. He was laid off from his corporate job. Dove into entrepreneurship fulltime and he is making a killing by going deep into a niche market selling information products.

He now has the freedom spoil his wife with lavish trips in exotic locations, spend time with his young children, and he’s gained a skill that lets him make as much money as he wants, anytime he wants.

Rich T. started out as a telemarketer barely scrounging enough money to pay his bills. Today he works just 4 hours a day – if you can call it work – and makes a good living in his own business online.

As he says in his own words, “I’m not a millionaire or anything, but I make my own schedule, which is great. And I only work physically, like 4 hours a day… which means I’ve got time to build another online business that I’m passionate about.

Shane G. jumped out of high school to apprentice as a junior working for a printing company… but his unconquerable desire to be his own boss meant he didn’t stick around in the industry for long.

After trying his hand in finance, banking and door to door sales he decided instead to build an internet business around his passion.

He started with a little over a $100 bucks in his pocket… but before long… was pulling in a cozy six-figure income.

Rob P. started his internet business almost by accident. He initially just wanted to generate a few new clients...

But once he got on the web and applied a hand full of strategies, he quickly realized he’d hit a vein of gold – discovering he could use the internet to turn his little one-man business into a hugely profitable cash machine!

How profitable? Well put it this way, he now rakes in over $2 MILLION dollars a year from a business that would keep bringing in the cash… even if he was no longer there!

WARNING: Don’t Even Think About
Starting an Online Business until you
completely, thoroughly understand This

Are you ready? This is a PROFOUND TRUTH… Here it comes…

There’s ONE Thing That ALL Successful Online Businesses Have in Common… Know What It Is?

“They are selling something that people want and are willing to pay for it.”

“That’s it? That’s the “profound truth?” I hear you say.

What? Sounds too simple? I agree… it is simple.

…Yet NOT Understanding and Applying
this Principle is The No. 1 Reason Why
Over 80% of All Online Businesses Fail!!

It’s sad. There are stories about struggling online entrepreneurs everyday who are banging their heads against the wall trying to figure out why their “great idea” for a product just isn’t taking off and they’re losing money, wasting time and becoming depressed about this business…

They blame their problems on:

  • Their Sales Copy – WRONG

Even the world’s greatest copywriter will tell you that great copy won’t sell products that people don’t want.

  • Not Taking Advice from the Right “Guru” – WRONG

Even if the World’s Greatest Marketing Guru could transplant his brain into your skull… you still wouldn’t be able to sell a product that NOBODY WANTS!!!

  • Not Using the “Latest Techniques” to Drive Traffic – WRONG

It wouldn’t matter if you were able to miraculously get the undivided attention of every single human being in the entire world for a 30-minute pitch… people won’t buy something they don’t want.

Don’t misunderstand – all of these are key aspects of building an online business, but it all won’t amount to a hill of beans if you’re trying to sell a product that nobody wants!

There is NOTHING more important than choosing the proper niche – NOTHING.

It seems like beginner internet marketers almost always take the “shoot-fire-aim” approach to choose what to sell and who to sell it to.

They’ll go to great lengths to create a product – write a book, create a membership site, audio program, etc – and then they pay to have a site created, graphics done – all the stuff you have to do to get up and running on the web.

 They work feverishly to get everything setup just right.

At the same time they’re studying the marketing techniques taught by all the “gurus”, etc. And then when they finally get things up and running…

Crickets chirping... Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

Why does this happen so often?

Because they didn’t take the time to study the market and find out that there was NOT a market for what they’re selling.

So why don’t more people do better (or any) niche research to make sure that they don’t waste time, money and energy promoting a product that nobody wants?

It’s probably because they bought into…

The 3 Most Common MYTHS About
Choosing a Highly Profitable Niche

Myth No.1

The Only Niche that Really Makes Money Online is “Teaching People How to Make Money”

REALITY: there are scores of “hidden niche entrepreneurs” who are going about their quiet little (and not so little) non-money-making-related businesses making thousands of dollars every month – and you never hear about them. Why? Because they’re selling products that you’ve never heard of… in niches that wouldn’t necessarily interest you.

EXAMPLE: I once heard about a college girl who was making a killing selling “wheatgrass” plants on eBay that she grew herself in a storage facility. Health nuts from all over the country were paying her top dollar for these little home-grown shrubs so they turn around and juice them.

Now, I’m not really interested in wheatgrass, personally. But she was – and she capitalized on the fact that there was a niche filled with lots of people just like her who would pay to have a full-grown wheatgrass plant sent to them in the mail.

Myth No.2

To be Successful I Have to Create Products in ‘Hot Niches’ Even If I’m Not Remotely Interested in the Subject Matter

This is probably the worst advice ever! Don’t go here. This will completely waste your time, money and energy – not to mention it could ruin your reputation.

Here’s how it happens… someone finds a “profitable niche” and they don’t know or care anything about it… but they can smell a fast buck. They hire a ghost writer to write a crappy e-book. They hire a copywriter to write some sales letter than makes a bunch of hyped-up claims. Some people buy into it, only to complain, and return it.

REALITY: don’t be an opportunist… be an entrepreneur. There’s a big difference. Successful entrepreneurs are passionate about their products and services and LOVE what they do. They are seen as the “go-to” people in their industry, hobby or niche for good reason. Successful entrepreneurs in great niches make fortunes that can last a lifetime – because they add REAL VALUE to people’s lives.

Opportunists may make a quick buck by taking advantage of people with crappy products, but they’re here today and gone tomorrow.

Myth No.3

Even If I Find a Profitable Niche That I LOVE… I Won’t Be Successful Because I’m Not Really An Expert

REALITY: you don’t have to know everything about a niche to get started in it and help people. The truth is – there are plenty of people out there who would pay you to learn what you DO know.

Plus, just because there are people out there who know more about your subject matter than you do, chances are good that they are BAD or LAZY MARKETERS. Winners in ANY marketplace are ALWAYS the best marketers and hardest workers – not necessarily the “smartest” or “most talented”.

Nothing can sum this principle better than this timeless quote by Calvin Coolidge:

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
Calvin Coolidge

Bottom line? See a niche you want to conquer? Just DO IT. Don’t wait for someone to crown you King or Queen of your niche. Take the title yourself!

Choosing the RIGHT Profitable Niche Can
Be Your Source of Astounding Profits…
But Only If… You Understand This:

In order to be successful, you’ve seen that you can and should choose a niche where you have a LOVE for the subject matter… and where other people will WANT what you’re selling, however…


If you pick a niche with too small of a market you will make no money

If you pick a niche with too much competition it will cost too much to compete.

So How in the World Do You Pick a Profitable Hot Niche That’s Something You Love To Do… Where Other People Will Want What You’re Selling With Enough of a Market to Generate TONS of Money Without Being TOO Large to Compete???

The Niche Formula

How to Quickly and Easily
Find Profitable Niches You
Can Profit From NOW!

In over 103 pages I will lift back the veil and expose my exact, groundbreaking process for choosing the right niche – every time WITHOUT FAIL.

I’ll lead you by the hand through my own step-by-step process -  that's 100% guaranteed to work - of finding, evaluating and analyzing a niche with laser-like, pinpoint accuracy to discover profitable niches!

This fail-proof niche-evaluation system is now available to ANYONE who seriously desires to make HUGE money in the SHORTEST amount of time possible – regardless of your background, field hobbies – whatever.

Once you master the skills I teach in this remarkable guide you will know more than 99.9% of people online about how to choose a red-hot profitable niche.

The Niche Formula is a...

A  Complete Blueprint To Find Profitable Niches In A Simple Yet Powerful 3 Step Formula!

Step One

In step 1 you'll discover 11 different methods to find niches that you'll like! You'll be able to find niches you never knew existed before - with these methods you'll be able to find as many niches as you'd ever want to!

Once you find a big list of niches you can start analyzing them (in Step 2 and Step 3) to determine if they're profitable or NOT!


11 Different Methods to Find Niches That are Just Right for You! Complete with Screenshots and Plenty of Examples!

Step Two

In Step 2 you'll be introduced to the idea of 'Potential Customer Keywords' - this will help you determine if there's actually enough demand (customers) within a niche to in order to be profitable.

Discover everything you need to know about these keywords and how to find them. You have step-by-step methods with an actual real life example complete with screenshots!


Discover all about 'potential customer keywords' - several examples reveal what they are, and why they're important.


3 ways to find as many 'potential customer keywords' as is humanly possible.


8 Different Keyword Research Tools with Screenshots to Uncover 'Potential Customer Keywords'


Discover how to use every single one of the 8 keyword research tools complete with actual examples and screenshots.


2 important criteria to follow when doing keyword research.


4 more ways to find potential customer keywords without using keyword research tools.


An exact calculation you can use to determine the size of a niche... and why does it matter! This is important in case a niche is too small or too large.

Step Three

In Step 3 you'll discover without a shadow of a doubt whether a niche is profitable or NOT!

Just to be absolutely certain whether a niche is profitable or not we perform the methods in Step 3 - they act as a final test that will give you a crystal clear answer whether a niche is profitable or not!

You'll be introduced to the idea of 'competition research'. This is part of the formula to find profitable niches...

This step like all other methods within The Niche Formula contains an actual real life example complete with screenshots.


5 methods to find the competitors within a niche and how can this reveal whether a niche is profitable or not!


2 criteria to identify actual competitors from all the other random websites within your niche!

The Niche Formula is more than that... let me explain:

This formula is simple, straightforward and doesn't contain any complicated methods or require any creativity or special skills - anyone (even if you're brand new to starting an online business) can understand these methods and find profitable niches!

Every method is described with an actual real life example - in fact you'll see a real life example of how to find niches and evaluate them like a pro from start to finish.

All the methods you'll perform to find profitable niches require ZERO cost, they're FREE!

You have a complete definition of the 10 important and frequently used niche related terms, so even if you never heard about niche research before you'll get up to speed pretty quickly!

Discover the three different options you have to start an Infobusiness and when should you choose each option!

There are 11 quick and easy methods to find niches - it's absolutely certain you'll find several niches you'd love!

The formula will give you the ability to analyze any niche and discover if it's profitable or not. You don't want to start a business in an unprofitable niche, EVER... that's way these methods are priceless!

Discover everything you need to know about demand, competition and competitive advantage and why they're the KEY to finding profitable niches.

You're not going to read just theory, this is a scientific formula. For that reason I provide you with exact numbers and simple calculations you can perform to be 100% certain if a niche is profitable or not!

You'll probably find more than a few profitable niches, for that reason this ebook contains 4 powerful ideas to help you choose the BEST one of them that's most suitable for you!

But the best part is that you can find profitable niches with this system in less than 7 days!

In fact, if you take the quick and easy steps that I guide you by the hand and show you to take…

In Only Seven Days From Right Now You Will Have Sitting Before Your Very Eyes… Not One or Two… But Dozens of White-Hot Niche Markets Just Waiting for YOU To Tap Into Them… Like Kegs Filled With Molten Gold

No more hem-hawing back and forth… wondering what to sell… who to sell to… wondering if they’ll buy…

From now on there will be nothing but Absolute, Bold-faced, ASSURANCE that you’re making the right decision about the right niche at the right time.

AND – once you conquer ONE cash-generating niche you can find another… and another… and another using the SAME SYSTEM. It works every time – all the time!

All you have to do is repeat the same easy step-by-step methods you'll discover in The Niche Formula.

If you follow my simple and easy formula and apply the methods – you have my 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee that you will find not one or two… but dozens of profitable niches that you’ll be able to tap into and make money immediately.

So What Should You Be Required
To Invest For The Miraculous Power
of Spotting White-Hot-Profitable
Niches With Pinpoint Accuracy?

Think of it this way – if you were a stock investor, how much would you pay for Warren Buffet’s personal, secret strategies for choosing exploding stocks?

Or, if you were a real estate investor, how much would you pay for Donald Trump’s personal, secret strategies for choosing cash-cow real estate?

To learn from these moguls, you would probably be expected to pay $10,000… $100,000… maybe more?

This is no different.

So what should you have to pay?

Before you answer that question… consider that if you are decisive and you invest in this system today – you’ll not only get “The Niche Formula” but you’ll also get your hands on these FREE bonuses (Valued at over $89.98):

Your Free Bonus No.1

1454 Niche Ideas For
Your InfoBusiness
($39.99 Value)

If any of the follow is TRUE then you'll absolutely love this special report:


If you want to find niches without even thinking


If you can't think of any niche other than common ones like 'weight loss' or 'dating advice'


If you have absolutely no idea what niche you like

In The Niche Formula there's 11 different methods to find niche ideas. In addition this special report contains a list of 1454 different niches - you'll likely to find niches you've never thought of before...

Think about it...

Instead of trying hard to think about a niche you will love - all you have to do is look and find niches within this list!

No thinking. No research. No effort.

I've done the hard work to uncover thousands of unique niches - now you can "cherry pick" those you love quickly and easy from a huge list of 1454 different niches.

Using the formula you'll discover in The Niche Formula you can analyze any one of them to be absolutely sure the one you select is profitable.

Your Free Bonus No.2

Niche Dominion:
Tactics To Successfully Compete Within Your Niche!
($49.99 Value)

Once you find profitable niches you'll want to know how to be successful and make as much money as you can selling products or services within that niche!

That's EXACTLY what you'll discover in this special report.


The 3 qualities of ANY successful business - these are must-haves if you want to attract and KEEP prospects and turn them info paying customers!


How to legally spy on your competitors and why you should absolutely do it...


3 insanely easy ways to create a KILLER Info product... all the methods explained step-by-step with screenshots and actual real life examples.


The 4 skills you need to master if you truly want to succeed with your niche business!


3 qualities you should apply in everything you do - in your products, websites, content, marketing - to build a successful InfoBusiness.


6 strategies to gain a competitive advantage within your niche and attract all the prospects and customers you want!


Discover a clever concept to make as much money as possible within a niche...


How to create a business model for your niche business and why you should plus an actual example of a successful one!

You can download The Niche Formula plus the completely FREE bonus gifts right now... You'll have access to everything immediately.

Apply the quick and easy methods you'll soon discover and start finding profitable niches to start your own business and make a TON of money!

For the 100+ pages of Profit-Generating Step-by-Step Instructions that’s available to download right now, I would have EVERY right to charge $69.95 or $97… and even that would be a bargain price.

But I've decided to do something different for a limited time only.

A Limited Time Offer

As you can see, with the “Niche Formula”, you get a complete, turn-key system that’s guaranteed to expose profitable niches that are just waiting to be tapped.

Plus, with the special FREE bonus reports “1454 Niche Ideas For Your InfoBusiness”, and “Niche Dominion” you’ll have everything that you need to be off to the races – on the way to building a hugely profitable Internet Business.

...and for a limited-time only, I’ve decided to reduce the price to only $49.95 -  until I get a few more testimonials, then I will most likely raise the price to $69.95 or more.

This can happen anytime now!

So take advantage of this offer now... and you have nothing to loose and everything to gain since this product is backed up with a…


Hey, your satisfaction is key. And if you’re not happy, it looks bad on me. So if for any reason, anytime during the next 60 Days after you download your copy you don’t agree this is really good just contact me via email and I’ll send you a FULL REFUND on your entire purchase amount!

You have everything you'd ever need to find as many profitable niches as you desire... Act now to access everything instantly and start building your niche business and make as much money as you want!

Time waits for no one, this offer at this price, is not going to last forever... Grab everything now while you still can!

Invest in your copy of “The Niche Formula” right now. Get on the fast track, find those hot, profitable niches that are right for you and you'll be on your way to joining the ranks of highly successful Internet “niche marketers”.


Jack “Straight Talk” Sarlo
Information Marketing Expert

Just think – never again will you have to waft back and forth, wondering “Hmmmm… I wonder if this product will sell to this market” or “I’d really like to pursue this market, but I’m not sure if it will work”.

Instead, you’ll have the rock-solid confidence to know exactly what to sell and who to sell it to… so you proceed to explode your earnings and get in on the Internet Cash Machine while you still can.

You’ll discover the secrets of picking a profitable, hot niche where you’re doing something that you love to do… where customers will want what you’re selling AND with enough of a market (without being too large to compete) to generate TONS of money!

But you must claim your copy now if you want it at a low, one-time only $49.95 - the price can go up to $69.95 or even $97 as soon as I get a few more testimonials which can happen anytime now!

Remember, “The Niche Formula” is backed by my 100% IRON-CLAD RISK-FREE 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So download The Niche Formula and if you don’t agree this incredible resource is worth 10 times your investment, just contact me anytime in the next 60 days and I’ll cheerfully send you a FULL REFUND on your entire purchase amount.

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